The Academy team are chosen leaders because they work with community banks every day. Understanding operations, goals and successes of the community banks they serve are part of their daily routine. With all this experience, they are qualified leaders to help build your banking team.

Kevin Cain

Partner, Strategy & Planning

Kevin Cain has vast experience when it comes to strategy, succession planning and bank acquisitions in the community banking industry. He partners with community bank leaders to help them develop and implement successful strategies to meet their unique situations. Kevin knows how vital healthy community banks are to our communities and he is passionate about helping them thrive and succeed for future generations.

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Stacie Dykstra

Partner, Facilitating Connections

Stacie is a leader in business development, marketing, facilitating and making connections. Her compassion, drive and energy to guide the successes of community banks and their teams are unsurpassable. Her background in all areas of business have provided her a “big picture” approach and are valuable tools in her mission to help clients grow, prosper and profit.

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Matthew Heemstra

Partner, Director of Growth & Profit Solutions

Matthew Heemstra, Partner, Director of Growth & Profit Solutions, utilizes his real-world experience as a CPA, auditor, and consultant to help community banks implement change in their organization. Matt is a recognized thought leader on change management and has written a book, The Change Advantage, to help leaders implement change in their organizations. His dynamic leadership has helped banks and their teams evolve and develop through accountability, focus, and a proven change management process.

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Shane Jager

Partner, Operations

Shane knows and understands community banking and everything that encompasses day-to-day operations. After all, he lives it day after day leading the firm’s bank and tax team. His primary focus is partnering with financial institutions to provide the tools and information they need to make decisions and drive operations. Shane’s guidance and expertise help community banks maximize their potential for success.

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Julie Noble

Human Resources, Organizational Solutions

Julie Noble, Director of Human Resources and DiSCr certified, has a passion for people and talent development. She works with banking teams to help enhance and maximize each person’s unique gifts and strengths. Julie truly understands how important each team member is to an organization and strives to help each person reach his or her fullest potential.

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